Allyson + Dan
Wow..I cannot be more impressed with our wedding video. Austin worked his magic and created a piece of art that was more incredible than I could've ever imagined. My husband and I went back and forth for a long time about whether or not to invest in videography for our wedding, and now neither of us could have imagined the day without it or without Austin. He worked wonderfully in sync with our photographer and came up with some incredibly creative footage that I am so happy to have for years to come. Austin was professional and was such an enjoyable member of our wedding day. We both loved working with him and would recommend him to anyone! If you're debating getting a wedding video, just know that it is definitely worth it when you get a product as good as this to have for the rest of your life!


Kimmy + Justus
Austin was recommended to me and when I compared his videos with other videographers in the area, well - lets just say there was no comparison. His films looked like a movie and I decided quickly that I HAD to have him for our wedding!! Austin was a pleasure to work with and captured my husband and I's wedding day perfectly. I am so thankful we have a short film and videos of the whole day that are such good quality. If you are looking for a videographer look no further, Austin with AceLegendary is the one!


Lauren + Zach
Austin is an elite videographer. Hands down one of the best. On our wedding day we wanted to ensure that we captured each and every moment so that we could treasure it forever. Austin did this in a truly legendary way. The video we received blew our expectations out of the water. You will be blown away at what he is able to craft from your special day. Make sure you choose someone who can capture the best on one of the most important days of your life! We highly recommend AceLegendary to everyone we know getting married.


Jessica + Dwayne
As my husband and I were planning our wedding, we knew that a videographer was a must. Looking through vendors, we came across AceLegendary and we knew we had to make an appointment to meet with the team, as all of the videos we had seen of the work were impeccable. From the moment we had our first meeting, and all the details leading up to the wedding day, Austin was such a joy to work with. His attention to detail and creativity was captured so seamlessly in our video that it still leaves us breathless. Every anniversary ( and sometimes just because I feel like it ) we re-watch our video, and I know, we made the absolute best decision having AceLegendary capture our wedding. We truly look forward to working with Austin in the future.


Savanna + Marshall
Austin filmed our wedding day and captured it beautifully with an amazing summary video along with multiple angles of the ceremony. He was amazing to work with and I highly recommend his service if you want an exceptional videographer!


Sophie + Gus
My husband and I would both agree that choosing to hire Austin was honestly one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. The videography was something really important to me, so trust me when I say I spent hours shopping around to see who really fit for us. When my planner suggested him, I went home and watched every single video he had posted and knew that no one would compare to him, and I was right. The unique and inspired way that he captured our big day will forever be my favorite way to reminisce. We opted to get the package including raw footage in it, and we laughed and cried watching all of the craziness of the day together again. If I could give him 10 stars I would. His talent is milestones ahead of the others in the area, and he is such a genuine and wonderful guy to work with!


Carly + Jacob
Austin and his team at AceLegendary are amazing! Our wedding video was exactly what we wanted and Austin was great to work with. The whole day felt very natural, even though there was a camera there :) I would recommend AceLegendary!


Meghan + Josiah
Austin was so great! We were so blessed to have found him. He captured every little detail of our wedding and we couldn't have been happier. He also is super personable and great to be around. He helped during the preparation of the wedding with things we needed done. I always think these things would be awkward just meeting the person but he was so great and we felt really comfortable around him. He also drove up more than an hour to meet us to do a love story video a week before the wedding and edited it in 3 days! Talk about work ethic! We seriously loved this guy!


Justyna + David
Austin was such a delight to work with. He showed up on time, made us feel comfortable, was very professional and delivered a video that not only captured our special day but our personalities and the chemistry we share. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. I would say that he went above and beyond to accommodate our vision and bring it to life. Thank you Austin for all of your hard work, and your creative eye.

Brandon + Julie
Austin Barton and his crew are amazing. I firmly believe that the quality of his videos are far and away superior to any other wedding videographer out there. I live in Dallas, and there are dozens of local videographers I could have hired. However, I passed on all of them and still chose to have Austin fly in from Springfield, MO to video my wedding. I've never regretted it. I have been told by friends and acquaintances (people who did not attend my wedding!) that my video was "the best they have ever seen." Austin is exceptionally talented, and has a way of combining audio and video to create artistic masterpieces. Even the recordings of my ceremony, first dances, and speeches were exceptionally well-done. He is professional in nature and quickly responsive to all inquiries. Austin truly cares that the character of your event shines through the videography. The night before my wedding, he even helped me make a last-minute change to the room where I would be putting on my wedding dress, so that it could have optimal lighting and produce the best video possible. As an added bonus, he's extremely fun and likable! I genuinely loved having him at my wedding. Overall, highly recommended. Book your event early so you don't miss out!

Ashley + Andy
When Andy and I first started planning our wedding, we received a lot of advice and vendor recommendations for our big day. AceLegendary Productions was a name that continued to come up again and again. I was told that Austin Barton was the best videographer in the area and now after working with him I couldn't agree more! His professionalism, expertise and quality of work are second to none. And to top it off he is an AMAZING person! He fit right in with our family and friends and felt like a part of our wedding from the moment he arrived. 

Austin, you are truly the best and we couldn't love our wedding film more! It is such a wonderful keep sake that we will watch and cherish for so many years to come! Thank you for all that you did to make our day the best day we could have imagined!

Aaron + Erin
I could not have been more impressed or pleased with AceLegendary. Not only did they capture all of the wedding festivities starting with the save the date trailer, then the rehearsal dinner, and on through the ceremony and reception, but they captured who Aaron and I are as a couple. They do not just mass produce videos. They take the time to customize every video down to the last detail so that your video is truly a reflection of who who are and not just a standard wedding video. And they blended so seamlessly into the event. Austin and his assistant were the friendliest, most enjoyable people, and their professionalism shows through in all they do. They were such a pleasure to work with leading up to the event as well. They make you feel like your wedding is the most important occasion with their responsiveness and attention to detail. For a bride who likes to oversee everything to make sure all goes as planned, our cinematography with AceLegendary was one aspect I could just relax and not worry about because I knew they would do a phenomenal job...and they honestly exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone!

Chad + Candice
Austin did truly amazing work on our wedding day! He took what was an incredibly hectic and stressful day for me, and gave me magic from it. All of the beautiful is highlighted, and the stress is fading from my mind each time I see it. It's so hard to relish in the beautiful moments on your wedding day while overwhelmed with the logistics of actually having a wedding, but I see little details that I didn't get an opportunity to notice before with this work of art he created. The quality is superb. It's seriously impressive to watch and brings tears to the eyes of people who didn't even know us at the time (4 years ago). I can only imagine he has improved as time has gone on, as impossible as that seems. Our video is my most valued possession from our day, and I am grateful that I chose Austin to capture it.

Lisa + Robby
Austin did an incredible job and was amazing to work with! We've been married almost 2 months and I think we've watched our wedding film close to 100 times. Sometimes I start my day with it! We chose Austin because his style is like none we had seen before. We've had friends and family watch our video and comment that they didn't know a wedding video could be that wonderful! Austin truly is an artist!

Ashley + Ryan
From the moment we booked our venue, my fiancé and I immediately started researching photographers and videographers. As a photographer myself, I was quite particular on who I was going to trust capturing our big day. 

After endless research, I came across AceLegendary Productions and knew we had found our guy! What caught my eye immediately was that he described himself as a cinematographer, not a videographer and after seeing some of his films, you'll know exactly what that means. After a few emails and getting to know Austin, I knew we were making the right decision. He has a very easy going personality and is quick to address any of your questions. 

Austin and his assistant flew in the night of our rehearsal dinner. Austin greeted everyone with a warm hug which goes to show what kind of guy he really is. As the big day came, like most weddings things were pretty chaotic. The filmmakers captured every special moment but were never in anyone's way. They were so laid back and fun to be around. Both families quickly embraced them as their own and in the process, created lifelong friendships. 

Thank you so much AceLegendary for creating a wedding experience that we can relive for the rest of our lives!!! You've officially earned the title as the "family cinematographer"!! 

Trent + Courtney
Austin is very knowledgably in his field and he really strives to make your day the most memorable. He went above and beyond to capture our wedding day and has given us a lasting video that is easily one of our best memories. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking a videographer or who is unsure, because once you have seen his work there is no doubt he is the best at what he does.

John + Jessica
Austin filmed our wedding in December and I can honestly say we couldn't be more pleased! Austin and his assistant did a wonderful job. They were incredibly professional, always on time, very relational and all around pleasant to be around. He has completely blown all my expectations out of the water. He creatively captured our wedding, incorporating important aspects of my husband and my personalities.

I am so glad we spent the extra money... It was worth EVERY cent! Austin, thank you so much for such an incredible gift to remember our special day. 


Davey + Kim
Austin was a joy to work with and our film was absolutely perfect! The attention to detail and the level of professionalism was 5 star. We will be forever grateful for such a special memory . . . It was so perfect and so us! We couldn't have asked for a better summary of details and it was so neat to watch it together and remember all the special moments!


Matt + Kristin
We enlisted the services of AceLegendary for our September 2013 wedding. From the day we booked our date Austin opened a line of communication that allowed for us to relay timeline information as well as ask questions regarding our video construction. The day of the wedding the crew was on-time and ready to shoot. Austin was very pro-active when it came to creative shot ideas and he really helped orchestrate some nice moments for our video. Initially I had some concerns that the cameras might be distracting to guests and to the event itself but the AceLegendary crew operated as if they were just another member of the bridal party. It amazes me the beautiful shots these guys were able to capture from right under our noses. 

At the reception the guys were welcome party participants, grabbing great footage and even busting some moves on the dance floor to entertain our guests. Along with being excellent videographers who operate with the smoothness of a hummingbird, these guys were a true joy and a lot of fun to work with. If you're looking for a truly one-of-a-kind video that you can enjoy and share with family and friends for years to come you absolutely must go with AceLegendary Productions, these guys were worth every penny and more!



Sean + Liz
We wanted a unique and memorable way to remember our special day, so we chose Austin and his team for their excellent work! They were truly amazing to work with, and they provided something that we will be able to enjoy for years to come. Through their incredible videography skills, they were able to capture all the moments that photos just cannot do justice. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding videographer!


Luke + Jamie
Austin Barton and his team did a wonderful job capturing every detail of my rehearsal dinner and wedding day. Not only were they friendly and professional, they knew how to capture moments in the most creative way possible. From the angles he used to noticing the most subtle facial expressions, Austin and his team did a fantastic job filming the best day of my life. They know what will look good on film and strive to find and even create situations that they know will add to your video. Also, the way they piece together the footage is amazing. I was blown away by how artistically my wedding film was done. It really did tell a story and embody the whole feel of the weekend.


Ryan + Kendra
I knew when it was all said and done, our wedding would be a memory I would always have. The flowers, decor, the food-all the details would be long gone. And the only thing we would have left would be our pictures..and our video. I cannot express how impressed or happy I am that we went with AceLegendary.


Brooks + Laura
Austin is wonderful to work with! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a videographer for their wedding day! 

A wedding video was very important to me, as I knew I did not want to forget a single moment of our lovely day. Austin made the whole process so easy, so professional and the film is awe-some!

10/10 would recommend! There is no one out there better. After you spend that much time and money in your big day, you'll want to remember it in a special way forever. Austin can give you a beautiful video that no one else can!



Ben + Maggie
AceLegendary is force to be reckoned with! They hit it out of the park for us. From pre-wedding to post-wedding they were always responsive, personable, professional, flexible, and willing to do whatever they could to make our day memorable. There were so many things that made them stand above the rest. First, they were quick to respond to emails and utilized social media to stay in contact and promote our wedding. It made us feel so special to see them post about our wedding via facebook and compliment us on the time we spent together. Next, they make the day of the wedding so fun! We couldn't have asked for better guys to spend so many memorable wedding moments with. They know when to step back and they know when to jump in and help. Finally, the video that they produced for us is comparable to nothing else we have ever seen. I am so impressed with their ability to capture the mood of the day and all the special moments that I wouldn't have even thought about. They worked with us to make sure we were happy with the final product and were extremely gracious throughout the entire process. Thank you so much ALP! We feel like we are reliving our wedding day and all the joy that was there every time we watch our video!


Jeff + Kate
We SO enjoyed having Austin and his team at our wedding. He was professional and responsive from the beginning, which made us feel at ease through the whole process. They captured each moment so beautifully and we didn't even notice they were there in the middle of everything! Thank you so much for making our wedding video reflect us so well! 


Brett + Courtney
THEY WERE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. I fell in love with their videos through a friends wedding film they did. They are so amazing and extremely talented in capturing each couples individual love story in such an organic way. We LOVE our film and are brought to tears, reminded of the specific emotions we felt and reminded of our love story. They were such gentlemen, so easy to work with. So respectful and So. Much. Fun. They are such a blessing and their gift of videography is truly special.


Kerry + Liz
We are absolutely blown away with the video Austin and his team at AceLegendary created for our wedding day! It's breathtaking to watch our love story unfold on screen and it takes us back to that magical day every time we watch...and we shed tears every time too! We appreciated the professionalism, creativity, and high quality services we received. They are easy and fun to work with, and are the coolest guys you'll ever meet. They were never a distraction while shooting, and they caught all the perfect moments on camera. I would definitely hire AceLegendary for your wedding...I can't wait to plan our next event, just so we have an excuse to work with them again!


Matt + Michaela
My husband and I loved how our wedding video turned out! They captured all the moments that we would want. We were blown away with how the film turned out! They are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone!



Ben + Hannah
My husband and I are very impressed and so happy with our wedding video! Austin and his team are very talented young professionals! The films that AceLegendary produces are the best quality I have ever seen! All of our family and friends said they watched our video over and over again! Their films are so detailed orientated and they know how to capture every moment. Everyone one of their films are exciting to watch!


Alec + Maggie
Austin and his team were so wonderful to work with and his responsiveness was excellent! The video is unbelievable and so touching! The team was very professional and flexible. I would absolutely recommend AceLegendary Productions for ANY event for anyone! Use this production company any chance you get!


Matt + Stephanie
AceLegendary did a FANTASTIC job on our wedding! The guys were great to work with, friendly and patient, willing to do whatever we wanted to make it perfect. And so TALENTED. We are so glad we chose them! Our wedding video is MAGIC, you would never know by watching it that there is any stress at all involved in putting on a wedding! And they made us look REALLY good! We never tire of watching the video, it makes us smile EVERY time. I would recommend them to anyone!

Sonja and Kyle Vimeo.jpg

Kyle + Sonja
We absolutely loved AceLegendary. Austin was so laid back, flexible, professional, quick to respond to emails, friendly and direct. He knew what shots he wanted, knew the places to be and stayed discreet all at the same time. He truly knows weddings and how to work with anyone. If you are looking for someone to shoot your special day, I would highly recommend this team.


Brandon + Layton
AceLegendary is incredible! The team is professional, timely, and very creative! You will hardly even notice they are around during your big day because they are very non-invasive. They perfectly captured my big day in a quick video of 7 minutes, a hard task to accomplish. I would recommend them to anyone considering a videographer. If you want a movie quality film so that you can relive those memories forever, then AceLegendary is the perfect fit.


Grant + Elizabeth
AceLegendary hit it out of the park! These guys are the REAL deal and we are BLOWN AWAY at the outcome of their work. I communicated with Austin pre-wedding and he was always very quick to respond via email. They are both SO flexible when it comes to actually shooting footage too. The guys have the happiest mix of professionalism/responsibility and a laid back/stress-free attitude. They took care of every detail and got shots of the wedding day I never saw -- something I am SO grateful to have footage of. We are HUGE AceLegendary fans and have already recommended them to our engaged friends. They went above and beyond our expectations and they will do the same for you. They are great to hang out with on the wedding day, and really are the best!


Gus + Valerie
My husband and I loved working with them, they're very talented at what they do! You don't have to worry about remembering to tell them anything, like getting a dress or shoe shot, they take great care in capturing each moment for you. Austin & Michael were great fun and a pleasure to have capturing our special day. Our wedding film turned out amazing and I can't wait to see the rest! Most vendors I would have a couple suggestions for, but I wouldn't change a thing that they did for us!


Shawn + Melissa
AceLegendary was amazing. Our videos looked like we were in a big budget film and they caught all of the best moments. They were amazing to work with, friendly, professional, and thorough. I can't imagine wanting anything more from a videographer. I have to say once more that the whole experience working with them was phenomenal.

Abby Zach DVD.jpg

Zach + Abby
After searching for months for the right videographer, I found AceLegendary. I corresponded with Austin through email and found him to be very easygoing, flexible, and kind. On my wedding day, he and his assistant were not only very professional but they were also very friendly and fun to have around. After seeing my wedding video, I am so glad that I went to AceLegendary. Austin is very creative and I thoroughly enjoyed the unique angles that he used in filming my wedding. This video will be watched over and over again throughout the years!


Jordan + Denae
Austin of AceLegendary was an absolutely perfect vendor. His work is awesome, but he is also supremely easy to work with. He was very responsive to all e-mails and went above and beyond to catch every beautiful moment of our special day. If you would like any special event filmed--be sure to check out his website when you shop around!!! His videos are awesome!!