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Lauren + Zach // The Round Barn Wedding Film

Lauren and Zach are dorks. Hilarious, genuine, friendly, perfectly awesome dorks, and their wedding day proved to be just as fantastic as I knew it would be.

The Round Barn is a quaint little venue nestled amongst the rolling hills of Walnut Grove, Missouri, and it provided the perfect location for this duo to tie the knot. Surrounded by their friends and family, Lauren and Zach exchanged heartfelt, chuckle-inducing vows that put a smile on the face of all those in attendance. When they glanced up at one another in between sentences full of love and promise, you could tell that no spoken words have ever been more true.

My favorite part of the day, however, was Zach's reaction as Lauren confidently walked down the aisle to meet him. The look in his eyes when the crowd stood up is the stuff of pure romance, folks, and I'm glad I was there to witness it. Take notes, groom-to-be's, take notes.

Music licensed via The Music Bed.