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Paige + Marcus // Missouri Backyard Wedding Film

I really, really enjoy intimate weddings. The epic, 300-person get-togethers are a spectacle, sure, but the smaller the event the more I am reminded why I love what I do. So, when Paige’s email inquiry described a weekend consisting of immediate family only, no bridal party and taking place on a private farm, I could barely contain my excitement for their early-October nuptials.

Paige, being a photographer herself, was an absolute dream to work with. She chose her ceremony time based on where the sun would be, picked the best light to get ready under, scheduled plenty of time for creative sessions and was chill as a cucumber from sunrise to sunset. Combined with her and Marcus’ I’m-not-crying-you’re-crying personal vows, this weekend was, well, just about as perfect as it gets.

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Samantha + Nathan // Gambrel Barn Wedding Film

Throughout the wedding planning process, Nate's overwhelming enthusiasm for marrying Samantha never ceased to put a smile on my face. Every email, text and phone call was full of excitement, plotting out the smallest of details in order to have the most rad day possible.

When the big weekend was finally upon us, Nate and Samantha (along with help from their closest family and friends) spent many sweat-covered hours setting up Gambrel Barn in preparation for the festivities to come.

To no one's surprise, their wedding day went off without a hitch. Full of genuinely heartwarming promises, killer dance moves and good vibes all around, the passion shared between these two was felt by all.

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