Chelsea + John // Branson, Missouri Wedding Film

When Chelsea first contacted me about filming their upcoming "Hesscape to the Ozarks", I was immediately sent a link to their wedding website. What I found was the most organized, systematic collection of timelines, introductions, lodging details, photos and more. Within seconds, I had all the information I needed about the multi-day celebration, and I couldn't have been more excited.

Personal vows. Hand-written letters. Garden Chapel ceremony. Top of the Rock trail and cave tour. Zip-lining. Family BBQ. Meticulously scheduled for optimum efficiency, yet somehow as laid-back and carefree as humanly possible.

And yet, when I think back to those two days, the aspect that stands out the most was the irrefutable love between Chelsea and John. You could hear it in their spoken words to one another. You could see it in their eyes when one caught the other's glance. You could feel it, just by being next to them. This is the kind of love that one strives to find, and I'm so happy that they found each other.

Soundtrack licensed via Musicbed.

Posted on December 10, 2018 .