Mike + Amanda // Oklahoma Wedding Videography

Gosh. Where do I begin with these two? Do I start by mentioning their impeccable kindness? Do I kick things off by bringing up just how stunning they are together? What about the fact that both of them are unanimously loved and cherished by everyone around them? Seriously, I could go on.

Oklahoma blessed us with some beautiful fall weather during Mike and Amanda's wedding day, and we took advantage of every second. Doors and windows swayed gently on their hinges while a refreshing breeze cooled those that it touched. My favorite memory of the day, however, wasn't admiring the immaculate floral decorations or wincing at the girls' hilarious-yet-eardrum-bursting "Group Scream." Instead, it was the moments right before the reception officially started, where, igniting the dry leaves ablaze with vibrant, warm colors, the departing sun painted a perfect backdrop as Mike and Amanda hit pause on their wedding day. These moments of timid, candid affection amidst glowing trees and fallen pine needles merely highlighted the obvious fact that this will, indeed, be a long and happy marriage.

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Julie + Brandon // Dallas Wedding Videography

Oh, Julie and Brandon. Words cannot express how much fun I had capturing your wedding day. Arriving in Dallas and being greeted with smiles and hugs at your ceremony rehearsal set the tone early on, and the rest of the weekend didn't disappoint.

Let it be known, dear readers, that I am officially a fan of the Nasher Sculpture Center. Nestled in the heart of the Dallas Art District, its stunning architecture and collection of contemporary sculptures perfectly fit the celebration of Julie and Brandon's nuptials. Combine that with the most perfect weather, like, ever, and you have the ingredients for a night of fun. And boy, did we have fun. I don't think I've ever seen a crowd dance as long as these folks did, and I've engaged in some serious partying thanks to this line of work.

Yet the biggest takeaway from my time in Dallas was not the imaginative scenery or the impressive dance moves, nor was it the late-night chocolate cookies. Rather, it was the delightfulness of simply watching Julie and Brandon interact. It's obvious that not only are they still high-school crazy about one another, but they are indeed the best of friends.

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Kylie + Jordan // Lake of the Ozarks Wedding Videography

After filming Jordan's ridiculously elaborate proposal to Kylie back in 2013, I knew that I was in for quite the treat when their big day finally arrived a year later. As predicted, from sunrise to sunset, the energy and passion emitted from these two never ceased to put a smile on the faces of those around them.

Kylie and Jordan are two of the most sincere, thoughtful people you'll ever meet, and spending a weekend with them and their ensemble of incredible friends and family will forever hold a special place in my heart. From intimate moments under the willow tree where Jordan popped the question, to boat rides on the lake and the most packed dance floor I've ever seen, there was no shortage of epic, heartwarming memories.

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Amanda + Buddy // Elopement Wedding Film

When the talented photographers over at Sugar Snap Images asked me to film their wedding day, I was instantly on board, fantasising about working with creative individuals with an eye for imagery and hearts full of romantic purpose. That would have been enough to get my heart pounding with excitement, but then Amanda casually mentioned that their wedding was, in fact, going to be an elopement-style, getting-hitched-under-a-tree-in-a-field-followed-by-photos-and-fireworks type of shindig, and in the words of countless Tumblr blogs and awestruck girls, my only thought was, "I can't even."

At first, Amanda and Buddy were concerned that there wouldn't be much of a story to tell without the formalities of a traditional wedding, but I assured them that, truthfully, there would be more. You see, hidden beneath the stress and anxiety of an itinerary-packed wedding day, there rests the most important reason a couple decides to tie the knot: Love. Discard the venues, the invitations, the catering and everything else that defines a traditional wedding, and you're left with what matters most.

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Sarah + Jace // Kansas City Wedding Videography

Kansas City houses some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Missouri, of this I am sure. Nestled amongst the metropolis, a sprawling, jaw-dropping sanctuary known as The Redemptorist towers above the streets and nearby parks. Upon walking through the massive doors, you can't help but gawk in wonder as your neck strains to observe the elegance that surrounds you. But, as my eyes descended with the intricate designs and impeccable sculptures that lined the walls, the smiles shared between Sarah and Jace at the altar were where my eyes halted, and then remained.

This trend of ignoring my surroundings in favor of admiring the affections in front of me, presented in the form of genuine looks of fondness and beaming, ear-to-ear grins, never lost its hold until I was no longer in Jace and Sarah's vicinity. This enchantment, I'd imagine, was felt by everyone in the room, which provided an irrefutable sense of confirmation that this was, in fact, meant to happen.

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Ashley + Andy // Springfield Missouri Wedding Videography

The beautiful locations, the adorable notes to one another, their timid first-look, the way they never glanced away from each other while speaking their vows. These are just a few of the things that I loved about Ashley and Andy's wedding day.

Upon walking through the door of The Walnut Street Inn that morning, I was smitten by the abundance of natural light and walls full of personality and character. Marching up the stairs revealed a charming set of rooms packed with multiple enthusiastic bridesmaids and one beaming bride-to-be, eagerly waiting to read the note concealed inside an envelope with one of her many nicknames scribbled on the back.

One moment after another, Ashley and Andy blew me away with their thoughtful, caring personalities, all the while looking darn good for the camera. After a smile-inducing first look in the shaded back yard, the gang hopped on a bus and headed toward the truly awesome Kingsway United Methodist church. Guests poured in from all over the country to watch these two tie the knot, and then subsequently packed the house at The Tower Club to celebrate.

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Aaron + Erin // Springfield Missouri Wedding Videography

Let's just get the obvious out of the way first.

Yes, one might claim that Aaron and Erin have names that sound slightly similar. And yeah, they probably shouldn't equip their children with any variations of said name.

There. Now we can discuss the second-most-obvious fact about these two, and that is just how freakin' perfect they are for one another. Listening to toasts and stories about Aaron and Erin throughout the weekend painted a vivid image of two caring, selfless, and good-lookin' individuals that found their way into each other's arms. It's the stuff that dreams are made of, folks.

After a laughter-inducing, heartwarming ceremony, the somewhat-gigantic group of friends and family traveled to Hickory Hills Country Club to celebrate, where smiles and good times were abundant until very last glowstick faded into the night.

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Chad + Candice // Big Cedar Branson Wedding Videography

Cue the waterworks.

The love that Chad and Candice share is not only unquestionable, it's downright radiant. Seriously, the moment these two met under the warm, glistening trees of Big Cedar Lodge for their first look, their smiles never wavered. And when Candice busted out her heartfelt vows to Chad? Pshhh. I might have teared up a bit. (Viewers, insert "ugly cry" here.)

Despite some threatening clouds early on -- which actually helped cool things off a bit -- the whole day was magical from beginning to end. During the ceremony, the chapel at Integrity Hills was drenched in the setting-sun's glowing departure, enhancing the already-beautiful interior. Top that off with a reception featuring a stunning view of the lake, amazing food and lovely weather, and you could claim that this wedding was just about perfect.

Thank you so much for having me, Chad and Candice, and for filling my heart with purpose.

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Jade + Chad // Missouri Wedding Videography

I love thunderstorms.

I can't help but stare in awe at nature's simultaneous beauty and power. I should note, however, that thunderstorms are not typically well-received on a wedding day. This is understandable, especially when said wedding is taking place outside. But, when you take those thunderstorms and scatter them across the plains of Ash Grove, Missouri, surrounding a wedding venue that likes to play chicken with the weather, you get some awesome results.

Jade and Chad's wedding day had the best of both worlds: rumbling thunder in the distance mixed with brilliant sunshine and lively birds chirping about. Pair that with the laid-back and loving attitudes of every person celebrating with them, and you have a recipe for a dang good time.

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Luke + Rachel // Missouri Farm Wedding Videography

After meeting Rachel at a bridal show in Springfield, I was instantly looking forward to her wedding. I then found out that the celebration would be taking place on their gorgeous property in Marionville, and my excitement heightened even further. Upon learning the specific details and layout while filming their Save the Date Trailer, I about couldn't handle it. I was honestly worried that, on the big day's arrival, my expectations surely wouldn't be met. 

But, sure enough, everything was flawless. Not only did the constant threat of rain completely avoid us throughout the day, but the laid-back attitudes, genuine excitement and perfect weather took this wedding to a whole 'nutha level.

Luke + Rachel, you two are simply wonderful, and you deserve every bit of awesomeness that comes your way. Thank you so much for letting me capture such a perfect story.

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Lisa + Robby // Eureka Springs Wedding Videography

Arkansas is home to some of the most gorgeous wedding venues ever built, so it's no surprise that Lisa + Robby (along with most of their guests) traveled halfway across the country to celebrate their love for one another in Eureka Springs.

While hanging out with these two and their bridal party on the morning of the big day, I couldn't get over just how relaxed everyone was. Laughter and smiles were abundant in their cottages nestled among the woods.

After a quiet and secluded First Look, we departed towards the breathtakingly beautiful Thorncrown Chapel. Sunlight danced among the surrounding trees and shimmered through the glass structure, creating a jaw-dropping backdrop. After a short and sweet ceremony, the celebration resumed at the Crescent Hotel, where we partied through the night until the newlyweds were sent on their way via rows of streamers and bells.

Lisa + Robby, I had such a fantastic time capturing your day, and cannot thank y'all enough for having me.

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Jordan + Kylie // Save the Date Trailer

After filming Jordan's incredibly-elaborate proposal to Kylie a few months ago, I was quite excited for the chance to get them in front of the camera again. I tagged along with Lighter Focus Photography during their engagement session and had a blast putting this Save the Date Trailer together.

In case you missed their ridiculously-awesome proposal film, you can check it out here.

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Rachel + Luke // Save the Date Trailer

After briefly meeting Rachel and her mom at a bridal show, I truly had no idea what to expect when they mentioned the wedding next year was taking place on Rachel's family farm in Marionville.

Tagging along with Christine Bonnivier during their Save the Date session on said property, we were quite blown away by the awesomeness of their home (which was built by her dad) and the surrounding landscape. They showed us where their ceremony-under-the-trees is going to take place, along with multiple paths through the gorgeous woods. We then took a short drive up to Rachel's grandparents' home, which was nestled among vast open fields, a modest pond and an impressive apple orchard. Combine all of this with an adventurous, lively and simply delightful duo that is Luke + Rachel? Recipe for a great time, folks.

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Aaron + Erin // Save the Date Trailer

These two emit such a fun, adorable vibe that those around them quickly find themselves with a smile on their face and warmth in their hearts. We traveled up to Columbia, MO to film their Save the Date Trailer, where we finally got to meet Aaron. He's a rad dude, and, from what I saw during our short time together, makes Miss Squires light up quite often.

We had a blast, Aaron + Erin, and can't wait for your big day in June!

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Jordan + Kylie // Proposal Film

Instead of using this space to describe the incredibly elaborate steps Jordan performed to put this proposal together, I think it'd be best for you to simply sit back, grab the tissues and hit play.

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Andy + Aimee // Save the Date Trailer

Once upon a time, Aimee and I worked together at my old day job (Best Buy). It was there that I learned how passionate she was about life: From traveling to journalism to videogames, Aimee is full of beautiful confidence. So, needless to say, when she mentioned that she was engaged, I sincerely hoped she would look in my direction when deciding on how to capture her big day.

It was during our Save the Date session that I met Andy, and I definitely approve of this dude; he makes her laugh and smile from ear to ear without even trying, and looks damn good on film.

Andy + Aimee, I am so incredibly excited to film the celebration next year. June 20th can't come soon enough!

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John + Jessica // Castroville Texas Wedding Videography

It seems like every time we are flown out to Texas to film a wedding, the big day starts off with loads of rain and a sky full of clouds. But, by the time everything gets going, sun always seem to find its way through.

Our time spent in Castroville proved no different; the sun shined brighter than ever by mid-day, which graced us with some stunning weather. The ceremony and reception were held at the enchanting Hofmann Ranch, which sits atop a hill overlooking the Medina Valley and miles of charming pastureland.

John and Jessica were so laid back all day, striking a fine balance between confident and enthusiastic. Once John met eyes with Jessica as she walked down the sun-drenched aisle, the two never stopped smiling at one another.

To Mr. and Mrs. Free, congratulations, and thanks for showing these Missouri boys a great time.

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Posted on January 15, 2013 .