Edward + Natalia // Save the Date Trailer

Edward and Natalia scheduled a Love Story shoot with a twist; I sat down with them, along with both sets of parents, and captured all of the individual stories detailing how each of them met, their first dates, the proposals and more. Listening to the different generations of relationships and marriages in detail was a heartwarming experience, and I can't wait to put those conversations together so that Edward and Natalia can cherish that priceless look at their family history.

After wrapping up the interview-style shoot, we had about an hour left of daylight and decided to make the most of it . . . by hopping in Edward's personal plane and flying around Springfield. While the glowing sunset illuminated the cockpit, I was mesmerized by their stories of traveling all over the country together. I laughed at Natalia's embarrassment as she recalled getting sick during one of their many flights. Also, I got to take control of the plane and fly a bit, so that was pretty darn cool.

We landed gracefully and pulled off the runway just in time to have some fun with the last bit of light. If this day was any indication, Edward and Natalia's upcoming September wedding at Haseltine Estate is going to be ridiculously awesome.

Music licensed via The Music Bed.