Kayla + Jeven // Rogers and Baldwin Wedding Videography

"First Looks" create some of my favorite moments, especially when our couples take the time to truly enjoy their shared company before jumping back into the wedding day madness. Kayla and Jeven's intimate, pre-ceremony reunion was bumped up a notch when they read their vows to one another, face to face. As words were lifted from handwritten notes and spoken just above a whisper, an undeniable demonstration of love and affection radiated between them.

Rogers and Baldwin is a super charming, urban venue nestled in downtown Springfield, and it proved to be the perfect place for Kayla and Jeven to celebrate with their closest loved ones. After their ceremony concluded, Bella Donna provided a smooth, jazzy atmosphere as the crowd enjoyed a laughter-filled cocktail hour. Meanwhile, the room above was flipped into a reception space, complete with floral decorations from wall to wall, paving the way for a long night of partying.

As the sun began to disappear behind Springfield's downtown skyline, I managed to snag the newlyweds and bring them out onto the balcony for one last private moment. Throughout the day, Kayla and Jeven relished every opportunity to slow down and be present together, and I believe that shows what kind of duo they truly are.

Music licensed via The Music Bed.