Meredith + Tim // Big Cedar Wedding Film

Tim stood at the end of the clearing, patiently listening as Meredith descended the stairs behind him. The trees above swayed gently in the summer wind, resulting in discarded leaves drifting toward the stone floor below. The anticipation was palpable. Her footsteps drew near as Tim pivoted in place, fixating his eyes on the woman he was about to call his wife.

That moment, separated from the hustle and bustle of the official wedding festivities, stood out to me the most. There's a delicate love between them, and it's undeniable while watching their interactions.

Upon the announcement of their newly acquired marital status at Integrity Hills chapel, Meredith and Tim sheepishly looked at one another with beaming smiles before sealing the deal. Friends and family traveled from all across the country to celebrate with them, but beneath all of the nuptial formalities and reception partying, I believe that Meredith and Tim were the happiest while in each other's arms.

Music licensed via The Music Bed.