Brandice + Jay // The Old Glass Place Wedding Film

She saw him. He saw her.

Their plane leaving for a Seahawks game would not be the last place their eyes would meet, however. Their paths crossed a few days later at a pre-game tailgate party, this time the encounter was met with a smile. And yet, once more, they would meet after the Seahawks win, hailing a cab on a street corner. As fate would have it, Brandice and Jay also shared the same flight coming home, and it was that final turn of events that ignited their relationship, spanning several years of fighting the odds and living apart from one another.

So what do you get when a former NFL cheerleader marries a guy that looks like he should be in the NFL? A really fun reception, it turns out. When I say these two and their respective friends and families partied all night long, I sincerely mean it. The Old Glass Place turned into a celebration of epic proportions, full of nonstop dancing and late-night snacks to keep the calorie-burning going. But the reason for the festivities was obvious: Brandice and Jay are perfect for one another, and the evidence couldn't be more clear.

Music licensed via The Music Bed.