Julie + Brandon // Dallas, Texas Wedding Film

Oh, Julie and Brandon. Words cannot express how much fun I had capturing your wedding day. Arriving in Dallas and being greeted with smiles and hugs at your ceremony rehearsal set the tone early on, and the rest of the weekend didn't disappoint.

Let it be known, dear readers, that I am officially a fan of the Nasher Sculpture Center. Nestled in the heart of the Dallas Art District, its stunning architecture and collection of contemporary sculptures perfectly fit the celebration of Julie and Brandon's nuptials. Combine that with the most perfect weather, like, ever, and you have the ingredients for a night of fun. And boy, did we have fun. I don't think I've ever seen a crowd dance as long as these folks did, and I've engaged in some serious partying thanks to this line of work.

Yet the biggest takeaway from my time in Dallas was not the imaginative scenery or the impressive dance moves, nor was it the late-night chocolate cookies. Rather, it was the delightfulness of simply watching Julie and Brandon interact. It's obvious that not only are they still high-school crazy about one another, but they are indeed the best of friends.

Music licensed via The Music Bed.