Sarah + Jace // Kansas City Wedding Film

Kansas City houses some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Missouri, of this I am sure. Nestled amongst the metropolis, a sprawling, jaw-dropping sanctuary known as The Redemptorist towers above the streets and nearby parks. Upon walking through the massive doors, you can't help but gawk in wonder as your neck strains to observe the elegance that surrounds you. But, as my eyes descended with the intricate designs and impeccable sculptures that lined the walls, the smiles shared between Sarah and Jace at the altar were where my eyes halted, and then remained.

This trend of ignoring my surroundings in favor of admiring the affections in front of me, presented in the form of genuine looks of fondness and beaming, ear-to-ear grins, never lost its hold until I was no longer in Jace and Sarah's vicinity. This enchantment, I'd imagine, was felt by everyone in the room, which provided an irrefutable sense of confirmation that this was, in fact, meant to happen.

Music licensed via The Music Bed.