Callie + Tim // Integrity Hills Wedding Film

Have you ever met someone that’s so dang nice, and kind, and caring, and genuine that you just wanna hug ‘em as soon as you meet ‘em? Yeah, that’s both Callie and Tim, and I felt as though all was right in the world when these two celebrated their nuptials at Integrity Hills.

A chance encounter at a wedding sparked a long-distance relationship, spanning from Georgia to Missouri. Now, it takes a powerful kind of love to not only survive — but thrive — in such a scenario, but that’s exactly what these two were prepared to deliver. With frequent cross-country trips under their belts and a passion that wasn’t dimming in the slightest, there was only one thing left to do . . .

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Ashlynn + Ryan // Cayman Islands Wedding Film

One thing that I absolutely love about my couples is that they are always really, really excited to have their wedding day filmed. This attribute can certainly be applied to Ashlynn and Ryan, who pulled out all the stops in order to make sure that I was content and had plenty to work with.

And let me just tell you, dear reader, I was most definitely content.

Ashlynn and Ryan held their small ceremony on the western coast of Grand Cayman, the largest island in the region. As the sun set behind their backs and the waves crashed beneath their feet, they exchanged some of the most heartfelt vows I’ve ever heard against one of the prettiest backdrops I’ve ever seen. This wedding would have been exceptional based purely on the love displayed in front of me, of course, but the location certainly didn’t hurt.

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Jessica + Bradley // San Diego, California Wedding Film

Jessica and Bradley are Missouri natives who decided to celebrate their nuptials on the breezy shores of San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs. I’m always thrilled to explore and work in new locations, but being a landlocked resident myself left me with absurdly high expectations for my visit to The Golden State.

Those expectations — as lofty as they might have been — were somehow not only met, but exceeded. This is thanks in no small part to the ridiculously lovely personalities belonging to not only Jessica and Bradley, but their entire gang of friends and family that traveled from all over the country in order to celebrate with them. And as if filming a gorgeous couple against stunning scenery surrounded by the most delightful of people wasn’t enough, I also had the immense pleasure of working alongside Allie Rose Events and Colby & Jess Photography, two fellow Springfieldians with just as much passion for their craft as I have for mine.

On my flight back home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the events that had just unfolded. I couldn’t wait to sit down in my office and relive that day for weeks on end, wading through hundreds of clips in an attempt to translate even a fraction of the magic that was felt by all of those in attendance.

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Ashton + Chad // Top of the Rock, Branson Wedding Film

From the very first details of Ashton and Chad’s Big Cedar Lodge wedding hitting my inbox, I could predict that the day was going to be, well, epic. And I don’t use that word lightly, dear reader(s). As it turns out, with a team of elite vendors working behind the scenes and Social Graces at the helm, the festivities couldn’t have gone any smoother.

At the end of our 14-hour day, Emily Nicole and I stood at the entrance to Top of the Rock and remarked at how flawlessly everything came together. From the insane floral work of Poppy’s Garden adorning every nook and cranny, to Elevate Entertainment rocking the house deep into the A.M., it was almost as awe-inspiring as the undeniable love on display between Ashton and Chad.


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Hannah + Cameron // Sycamore Creek Ranch Wedding Film

This Sycamore Creek Ranch wedding had a lot of hype going in: An adorable couple, lots of my favorite wedding pros working alongside me and lovely weather in the forecast. Hard to imagine it exceeding my expectations, but that’s exactly what Hannah and Cameron’s wedding day accomplished.

Walking in to a house full of excited bridesmaids and a glowing bride-to-be started the day off on a high note, and from that point forward the energy never faltered. From their smile-inducing letters, to their passionate personal vows, my heart could barely take it; yet these two kept finding ways to captivate me. Hannah and Cam, accompanied by a light breeze and a perfectly-overcast backdrop, embraced one another without a care in the world. Seeing as they required zero direction on my part, I simply let them enjoy these last few quiet moments together before an epic night of celebrating would wrap up the evening.

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Megan + Clark // Greenhouse Two Rivers Wedding Film

Waking up on the morning of Megan and Clark’s big day, hours before the sun was scheduled to arrive, was an interesting experience to say the least. You see, I’m a night-person, and after editing deep into the AM on most given nights, you’d think I would be a zombie at this point.

That was not the case, however, as my brain was buzzing at the creative opportunities in front of me. Megan putting on her dress in a complete absence of daylight, my preferred source of light, meant that I had to try something new. Opening up the hotel window drapery revealed a magnificent display of downtown Branson’s city lights. “Yeah, that’ll do,” I thought to myself. “That’ll do.”

The reason we were starting preps this early, dear reader, is because we were shooting for a first look shortly after sunrise. With the help of Chris Killingsworth Photography, we found the perfect spot and proceeded to sit back and witness two of the kindest, most genuine souls I’ve ever met embrace one another on the morning of their wedding day. After seeing this, I had no doubts that the rest of the festivities would be incredible. And, sure enough, thanks to a plethora of absurdly talented wedding professionals and an entourage of loving friends and family visiting Greenhouse Two Rivers from all over the country, Megan and Clark’s nuptials wrapped up our 2018 season in the best way possible.

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Justyna + David // Dillon, Colorado Wedding Film

Let me walk you through my thought process as I read through Justyna's initial inquiry via email:

Taking place in Dillon, Colorado (*raised eyebrow*). Elopement-style ceremony at Sapphire Point overlooking a frozen Lake Dillon (*falls out of office chair*).

Needless to say, I was pretty dang stoked. I was not prepared, however, for just how genuinely amazing both Justyna and David are as individuals, nor was I prepared for the amount of smiles and laughter that occured while hanging out with these two. Their chemistry is heartachingly inspirational, and you'll know exactly what I mean by the end of this film.

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Paige + Marcus // Missouri Backyard Wedding Film

I really, really enjoy intimate weddings. The epic, 300-person get-togethers are a spectacle, sure, but the smaller the event the more I am reminded why I love what I do. So, when Paige’s email inquiry described a weekend consisting of immediate family only, no bridal party and taking place on a private farm, I could barely contain my excitement for their early-October nuptials.

Paige, being a photographer herself, was an absolute dream to work with. She chose her ceremony time based on where the sun would be, picked the best light to get ready under, scheduled plenty of time for creative sessions and was chill as a cucumber from sunrise to sunset. Combined with her and Marcus’ I’m-not-crying-you’re-crying personal vows, this weekend was, well, just about as perfect as it gets.

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Allyson + Dan // St. Louis, Missouri Wedding Film

To say that Allyson and Dan were an absolute joy to be around might be the biggest understatement of the year. By the time we parted ways at the end of the night, I was legitimately bummed out that I had to drive home. Thankfully, I have footage -- from sunrise to sunset -- that allows me (and you, dear reader) to relive such a rad day.

Allyson and Dan, along with a crowd of family and friends, traveled downtown for some post-ceremony celebrating at Neo on Locust. This venue, with it's lovely natural light and urban ambience, was the perfect place for such a badass couple to wrap up such a badass day.

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Lana + Adam // Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding Film


If I had to pick a single word to describe Lana and Adam, that would be it.

Yes, the weather was perfect, their letters to each other were adorable, the reception took place at the absolutely stunning Philbrook Museum of Art, the live band was a blast and the day was basically perfect . . . but, above all else, Lana and Adam had smiles equipped from sunrise to sunset, and I couldn't get enough of it.

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Chelsea + John // Branson, Missouri Wedding Film

When Chelsea first contacted me about filming their upcoming "Hesscape to the Ozarks", I was immediately sent a link to their wedding website. What I found was the most organized, systematic collection of timelines, introductions, lodging details, photos and more. Within seconds, I had all the information I needed about the multi-day celebration, and I couldn't have been more excited.

Personal vows. Hand-written letters. Garden Chapel ceremony. Top of the Rock trail and cave tour. Zip-lining. Family BBQ. Meticulously scheduled for optimum efficiency, yet somehow as laid-back and carefree as humanly possible.

And yet, when I think back to those two days, the aspect that stands out the most was the irrefutable love between Chelsea and John. You could hear it in their spoken words to one another. You could see it in their eyes when one caught the other's glance. You could feel it, just by being next to them. This is the kind of love that one strives to find, and I'm so happy that they found each other.

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Jarrod + Kristen // Hot Springs, Arkansas Wedding Film

Jarrod and Kristen are, individually, exceptional people. But together, in each other's company, their benevolent personalities are undeniably inspiring. While filming throughout the day, they both regularly asked what could be done to make my job easier. This built-in generosity, it turns out, is something that they offer to everyone in their lives, and it's truly commendable.

When Kristen informed me that her and Jarrod were getting hitched in the Garvan Woodland Gardens' Anthony Chapel and then celebrating the night away at the Arlington Hotel, I was ecstatic to say the least. But it was their smile-inducing notes to one another, their intimate first look, the flawless weather and their adorable chemistry that made this wedding day nothing short of perfection.

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Ashley + Dan // Columbia, Missouri Wedding Film

Blue Bell Farm is always an absolutely lovely place to have a wedding, and these nuptials proved to be no different. Ashley and Dan had probably the most laid back, carefree morning I've ever had the pleasure of filming, and with a modest bridal party size and no rush at all, the relaxed mood was infectious to say the least.

With both shared letters and personal vows, the day was full of fervent, heartfelt promises. This, coupled with the undeniable on-screen chemistry between them, led to Ashley and Dan's celebration being one for the books.

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Kimmy + Justus // Gambrel Barn Wedding Film

I initially met these two in my favorite coffee shop, and from the moment I sat down across from them I knew that capturing their wedding day would be a treat. From Kimmy's enthusiasm to facilitate my every need as a wedding filmmaker, to chatting with Justus about various video games and other nerdy topics, my anticipation for their big day was approaching ridiculous heights. 

And, sure enough, their nuptials proved to be even better than expected. The weather was chilly, but provided a gorgeous fog that rolled over the hills surrounding their venue. Speaking of which, the interior of Gambrel Barn was adorned from top to bottom in forest-y awesomeness, thanks to the talented Allie Rose Events (seriously, you have to see it to believe it). Their heartfelt notes to one another, their willingness to brave the elements in the name of creativity, and their genuine reactions upon catching the other's eye still leave me smiling.

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Amanda + Buddy // Missouri Elopement Film

When the talented photographers over at Sugar Snap Images asked me to film their wedding day, I was instantly on board, fantasising about working with creative individuals with an eye for imagery and hearts full of romantic purpose. That would have been enough to get my heart pounding with excitement, but then Amanda casually mentioned that their wedding was, in fact, going to be an elopement-style, getting-hitched-under-a-tree-in-a-field-followed-by-photos-and-fireworks type of shindig, and in the words of countless Tumblr blogs and awestruck girls, my only thought was, "I can't even."

At first, Amanda and Buddy were concerned that there wouldn't be much of a story to tell without the formalities of a traditional wedding, but I assured them that, truthfully, there would be more. You see, hidden beneath the stress and anxiety of an itinerary-packed wedding day, there rests the most important reason a couple decides to tie the knot: Love. Discard the venues, the invitations, the catering and everything else that defines a traditional wedding, and you're left with what matters most.

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