Meghan + Josiah // Blue Bell Farm Wedding Video

Meghan and Josiah's Blue Bell Farm wedding was something magical, I tell ya. Arriving early in the morning, I was able to capture some of the farm's routines before the summer sun completely took over. The light morning breeze made its way across fields and through trees as happy chickens pranced around the property, which was being tidied up before guests began to arrive.

With both personal vows and pre-ceremony letters, Meghan and Josiah never seemed to run out of things to say. Heartfelt tears and smile-inducing laughter were both common experiences during these spoken moments, and I'm so thankful to have been present for all of it.

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Allyson + Dan // St. Louis Wedding Videography

To say that Allyson and Dan were an absolute joy to be around might be the biggest understatement of the year. By the time we parted ways at the end of the night, I was legitimately bummed out that I had to drive home. Thankfully, I have footage -- from sunrise to sunset -- that allows me (and you, dear reader) to relive such a rad day.

Allyson and Dan, along with a crowd of family and friends, traveled downtown for some post-ceremony celebrating at Neo on Locust. This venue, with it's lovely natural light and urban ambience, was the perfect place for such a badass couple to wrap up such a badass day.

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Loryn + Tyler // Jefferson City Wedding Videography

From my brisk morning walk gathering footage of downtown Jefferson City, to the end-of-the-night dancefest at The Millbottom, Loryn and Tyler's big day was just about everything you'd want in a November wedding.

Due to their undeniable enthusiasm for tying the knot, spending the day with these two was an absolute joy. The letters that they wrote each other prior to the ceremony perfectly captured their devotion and readiness to spend the rest of their lives together.

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Justyna + David // Colorado Elopement Wedding

Let me walk you through my thought process as I read through Justyna's initial inquiry via email:

Taking place in Dillon, Colorado (*raised eyebrow*). Elopement-style ceremony at Sapphire Point overlooking a frozen Lake Dillon (*falls out of office chair*).

Needless to say, I was pretty dang stoked. I was not prepared, however, for just how genuinely amazing both Justyna and David are as individuals, nor was I prepared for the amount of smiles and laughter that occured while hanging out with these two. Their chemistry is heartachingly inspirational, and you'll know exactly what I mean by the end of this film.

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Sasha + Nathan // Hope Springs Farm Wedding

Sasha and Nathan are a perfect example of one of those "you just know" couples in regards to their engagement. Within but a few weeks of meeting one another, Nathan dropped the question and Sasha enthusiastically agreed to spend the rest of their lives together.

Fast forward a few months, and these two found themselves exchanging vows surrounded by crisp fall air, with a stunning backdrop consisting of vibrant autumn colors and exposed rock. Hope Springs Farm provided the ideal setting for Sasha and Nathan, along with their friends and family, to celebrate such a memorable occasion.

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Kristy + James // Villa at Integrity Hills Wedding

The Villa at Integrity Hills hosted James and Kristy's intimate October wedding, and although it was my first time working at this particular Big Cedar venue, I couldn't help but feel as if was the perfect fit for this particular couple.

Underneath drifting autumn leaves and some rather intense sunlight, this Texas duo celebrated their nuptials surrounded by the closest of friends and family, all of whom traveled far and wide to be in attendance.

I don't think I've ever experienced a more relaxed wedding day in all my years: Running behind schedule? Doesn't matter. A million degrees outside? Doesn't matter. Can't find a switch that operates the outside lighting? Doesn't matter. It's their wedding day, and everything else is just the cherry on top.

Although the day was full of authentically carefree moments, my favorite was when James busted out his trusty guitar and played Kristy a few tunes, one of which was used for the soundtrack of this very film . . .

Jenna + Mitchel // Bella Vista Wedding Videography

All it takes for me to get absurdly excited about a wedding ceremony is to mention that it's taking place at any of the glass chapels in Arkansas. Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel is one such structure, and its brilliance never ceases to leave me in awe.

The crazy-talented photography team, Eugene Grace Weddings, recommended me to Jenna and Mitchel, and I am so happy that they did. Throughout the entire wedding day, these two exhibited so much passion for their friends, their family and one another that I couldn't help but have a smile equipped from the moment my camera started rolling until well after my drive home.

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Presley + Josh // Big Cedar Wedding Videography

Presley and Josh's personal vows to one another were just as sweet and genuine as they are themselves. Through teary eyes and giddy smiles, the Garden Chapel transitioned from a quaint, hillside structure into the origin of heartfelt promises and sincere commitments.

Top of the Rock, seemingly in celebration of their nuptials, must've received the memo and displayed a breathtaking sunset worthy of such a momentous occasion. And while most of those in attendance looked to the west and took in the view, Presley and Josh couldn't take their eyes off each other.

It's said that the best relationships are those that begin as friendships, and spending a single day with this duo proved that statement to be true.

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Posted on November 20, 2017 .

Lana + Adam // Tulsa Wedding Videography


If I had to pick a single word to describe Lana and Adam, that would be it.

Yes, the weather was perfect, their letters to each other were adorable, the reception took place at the absolutely stunning Philbrook Museum of Art, the live band was a blast and the day was basically perfect . . . but, above all else, Lana and Adam had smiles equipped from sunrise to sunset, and I couldn't get enough of it.

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Benita + Jerry // Oklahoma City Wedding Videography

Benita's brother might have orchestrated seemingly everything about this incredible Oklahoma wedding, but through the wonders of the Internet I was able to chat with Benita and Jerry over Skype prior to the big day. Wedding cinematography was very important to them, so I was eager to learn more about their desired style. After our video call ended, I was beaming with excitement and couldn't wait to get them in front of my camera.

Throughout the wedding day, I was amazed at how relaxed both parties were. Despite the massive guest list, consisting of nearly 500 friends and family from all over the world, Benita and Jerry weren't shaken in the slightest. This is, no doubt, due to the fact that their love for one another was not only evident, it was indisputable. From their letters to each other, to their first look, to their ceremony and well into the after-party, their passion never ceased to inspire me.

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Beth + Bradley // Big Cedar Wedding Videography

Working with Beth and Bradley was an absolute joy, and hanging out with these two from the morning preparations to the end of the night never ceased to put a smile on my face. Both of these individuals display so much love for not only each other, but for their family and friends, that it's easy to see why they had folks travel from far and wide to celebrate their nuptials.

Beth and Bradley's relationship is exemplary, and proof of that can be found the moment they lock eyes.

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Kim + Paul // Kansas City Wedding Videography

When the details surrounding Kim and Paul's Kansas City wedding initially found their way to my inbox, each piece of information made the year-long wait more and more unbearable. Outdoor ceremony in Loose Park's Rose Garden? Reception nestled downtown at the Monarach Room? Sunset session on a bridge overlooking the city? Sign me right up.

And as if the locations of the festivities weren't enough to solidify this wedding as one of the best ever, the cherry on top was Kim and Paul's enthusiasm from the moment I walked into their respective hotel rooms. Although I had never met them in person, I immediately felt as if I had known them for years. By the end of the night, it was obvious as to why they had a such a massive group of friends and family to celebrate alongside them.

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Kimmy + Justus // Gambrel Barn Wedding Videography

I initially met these two in my favorite coffee shop, and from the moment I sat down across from them I knew that capturing their wedding day would be a treat. From Kimmy's enthusiasm to facilitate my every need as a wedding filmmaker, to chatting with Justus about various video games and other nerdy topics, my anticipation for their big day was approaching ridiculous heights. 

And, sure enough, their nuptials proved to be even better than expected. The weather was chilly, but provided a gorgeous fog that rolled over the hills surrounding their venue. Speaking of which, the interior of Gambrel Barn was adorned from top to bottom in forest-y awesomeness, thanks to the talented Allie Rose Events (seriously, you have to see it to believe it). Their heartfelt notes to one another, their willingness to brave the elements in the name of creativity, and their genuine reactions upon catching the other's eye still leave me smiling.

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Posted on July 6, 2017 .

Heather + Phil // Branson Wedding Videography

Heather just so happens to be a wildly talented photographer, so when she contacted me in regards to filming her and Phil's elopement-style wedding, which was to take place along Table Rock Lake with only a few guests in attendance, you can imagine my unbridled enthusiasm.

On the big day, an immediate sense of relaxation was evident upon walking into Heather's room for the morning preparations. While Phil waited outside for their First Look, the bride-to-be calmly slipped into her dress and accessories before heading downstairs. Phil turned around to see his future wife, walking toward him with a beaming smile, and their reactions set the tone for the rest of the day.

Under a canopy of trees and with a soundtrack of crashing waves and chirping birds, personal vows were promised as a handful of loved ones gathered around. Although the guest list was small, the love felt during Heather and Phil's ceremony was immense to say the least.

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Savanna + Marshall // Chaumette Vineyards & Winery Wedding

This wedding was, essentially, perfect in every way. Like, this entire post could just be about how devastatingly gorgeous the couple is, how crazy perfect the weather was, the amount of fun had at their reception, the expansive, stunning venue, or how flawless the day went in general.

Despite the nearly-overwhelming beauty of this wedding day, however, I can't help but feel that the undeniable love between Savanna and Marshall simply stole the show. Every interaction between them felt like it was straight out of a fairy tale, from their first look to their final dance. That first look, which took place under a canopy of trees and was accompanied by an ensemble of chirp-happy birds, provided the ideal setting for this duo to deliver their life-long promises to one another. Promises which I have no doubt will be fulfilled.

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Sarah + Elgin // Missouri Wedding Videography

When Sarah and Elgin first booked me, they did so through Bringing it Together, an event planning team led by the fantastic Mary Douglas. So, when I finally had a chance to sit down with this bride-to-be that hailed from Texas, I didn't really know what to expect. As I walked in for my pre-wedding meeting with Sarah and Diane (Sarah's mom), I was bombarded with hugs and an excitement for the big day ahead, letting me know that -- at the very least -- these folks were my kinda people.

As if that weren't great enough, I was then informed that their family had been constructing an impressive pond-side, gazebo-style structure, complete with a wooden deck on the water (specifically for their first dance), concrete flooring and a built-in bar for the inevitable after-party. The building of this structure had taken many, many months of planning and physical work, with even Sarah getting her hands dirty to help the process along.

But, custom venue on expansive, stunning family property aside, it was the love between Sarah and Elgin that stole the show. Through their notes to one another that morning, you could tell that their relationship was one founded on respect, trust and adoration. Every interaction between them simply radiated passionate devotion, and it was beyond a joy to capture.

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Weisi + Trae // Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Wedding

I still remember my first email conversations with Weisi when she inquired a year before her wedding day . . . Aside from discussing the usual pre-wedding topics and learning how big of dorks her and Trae are, she asked for examples of some of my favorite films, specifically for cinematography.

My heart skipped a beat, folks.

After talking about recent movies and our favorite directors, the details of their big day started flooding in. So, not only are Weisi and Trae super rad people in general, but their wedding day was shaping up to be uniquely awesome: Outdoor yoga in the morning, ceremony in a glass chapel nestled among the forest, personal vows, live music, late-night party people and a couple with fantastic chemistry, surrounded by loving friends and family from the world over? Yes, please.

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Brittany + Jordan // Top of the Rock Wedding Videography

Top of the Rock features some of the most stunning views of the Ozarks region, including the chapel (sitting at the highest point in Taney County, Missouri) which overlooks Table Rock Lake. It felt appropriate for this dazzling couple to celebrate their nuptials at such a spectacular venue.

Despite the breathtaking views, my favorite part of the wedding day was during Brittany and Jordan's first look. With chirping birds and wind-tossed trees providing the backdrop, these two hit the pause button and shared personal vows to one another. In the coming hours, a flood of friends and family would surround them to celebrate the occasion. At that moment, however, they had all the time in the world.

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Natalia + Edward // Haseltine Estate Wedding Videography

When I first met with Natalia and Edward to film their Love Story and Save the Date Trailer, I immediately knew that their wedding was going to be memorable. Sure enough, that prediction proved to be true, as this duo and their marvelous family delivered a celebration for the books.

Arriving early at Haseltine Estate on the morning of the big day, I was treated to ridiculously perfect weather and an abundance of vendors prepping for the upcoming festivities. On separate ends of the expansive property, Natalia and Edward were tucked away in their respective rooms, neither of them expressing nervousness -- only unbridled enthusiasm. When the time finally came for Natalia to walk down the aisle, Edward could do nothing more than fight back tears of happiness before joining hands with his wife-to-be.

After their nuptials wrapped up under the warm, setting sun, Natalia and Edward's reception commenced with the hilarious and always-entertaining Broc Barton at the helm. The guests had received popular dance move lessons during the cocktail hour thanks to Motion Playlist, so they were ready to show off their newfound skills as the lights dimmed and the strobes kicked in. The young and old alike partied with the newlyweds until late into the night, when the igniting of sparklers signaled the end to an incredible wedding day.

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Max + Rebecca // Big Cedar Wedding Videography

As soon as Max let out a nervous exhale before opening his gift from Rebecca, I knew I was about to witness a sincere, heartfelt moment. Sure enough, he could barely hold it together while reading the handwritten words and promises from his bride-to-be. When I got back to the girls' room, letter from Max in hand, Rebecca exhibited the same nervous excitement and teary-eyed reaction. Finally, when the Integrity Hills chapel doors swung open, I believe that Rebecca, quite literally, took Max's breath away.

Although this wedding was equipped with gorgeous floral arrangements, a stunning venue, perfect weather, a live band and even an accordion/sparkler send-off, it was the little moments between Max and Rebecca that I remember the most. Their interactions with one another, with barely any direction from me or the photographer, were truly a dream to capture.

That kind of love, dear reader(s), is what this whole marriage thing is all about.

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