Q: How long is the actual wedding film?

A: That is entirely dependent on the content of your wedding day. The more we have to work with (first look, note-reading, personal vows, etc), the longer and more engaging your film can be. On average, however, our cinematically-edited films are between 4-7 minutes in length. 

Q: Do I get to see ALL of the footage that you captured?

A: Not by default, no. The morning preparations, first look, garter/bouquet tosses, cake-cutting, and party dancing are filmed subjectively for creativity, not for complete coverage. The parts of the day that are filmed entirely are the ceremony, formal dances and any toasts. These, in their entirety, are included in the Extended Edits. (We also offer a Cleaned-Up Raw service if you really want to see everything.)

Q: How many weddings do you film annually?

A: In order to give each of our couples the attention they deserve, we only accept a limited number of weddings per year (typically under 20).

 Q: I am having a destination/location wedding. How does that factor into the cost?

A: To have a film made of your destination/location wedding outside of the greater Southwest Missouri-area, we simply charge the price of our collection plus travel and lodging for two people. We LOVE to travel, and find that a new scene greatly enhances our level of creativity.

Q: How long does it take to receive my film? How is it delivered?

A: This will depend on when your wedding takes place, as some months are busier than others. The safest answer, however, is less than six months. As for the delivery, we will export your Wedding Film and Extended Edits in full HD to a custom-designed USB thumb drive, so your memories won't be lost to advancing technology (remember VHS?).

Q: Will I be able to provide music for you to use in the film?

A: For both creative and legal reasons, we ask that you allow us full control over the music selection for your film. Not only do we have a better perspective on the 'flow' of your wedding day, we also utilize properly licensed music so that your film doesn't get pulled from the Internet due to copyright violations. Besides, no one wants a lawsuit, right?

Q: You're more expensive than other videographers. Why is that?

A: We're proud of our work, and our pricing reflects that. Not only do we have a high regard for what we do, but we continually invest in equipment and technology that helps us create even better films. We make sure that every one of our clients are supremely satisfied with not only our work, but us as professionals. Check out what folks had to say about us here.